Why Choose CCPS?

Improve Collaboration

CCPS streamlines the clinical education experience scheduling process and helps programs to increase enrollment.

  • Custom dashboard displays at-a-glance view of site activity.
  • Automated emails for improved communications between school and provider sites.
  • Provider/School affiliation agreement tracking and management.

Real-Time Data and Reporting at Your Fingertips

CCPS is a cloud-based system that allows for scalability and security.

  • Online tracking and management of all placement activity.
  • Customizable options to export and share your data.
  • Flexible reporting options to track community benefit and clinical placement trends.

Manage Clinical Placements with Ease

CCPS simplifies the process of managing regional clinical placements.

  • Dynamic availability calendar helps identify placement opportunities and open availability at a glance.
  • Improved request process allows greater time-savings and increased flexibility in securing the best fit placements.
  • Streamlined historical placement request process.

Features and Benefits

Save Time

CCPS streamlines the clinical experience, helping coordinators work more efficiently.

Increase Student Opportunities

CCPS supports the educational institutions and educators that prepare new health care professionals.

Access Anywhere

Access CCPS wherever you are, via your laptop, phone, or tablet, without loading software.

Dashboard and Reporting Features

Easily export data for viewing and sharing with your team.

Training and Customer Support

Access demos, onsite trainings, and personalized support from our customer support team.

History of Success

CCPS has been active since 2004 and is currently serving multiple regions throughout the United States.

Implement CCPS in your Region

Find out more about CCPS and how it can benefit your region. Contact our customer support team to schedule a custom demo.